digital asset development


Re imagine the way legal cases are managed


The Challenge 

Legal Advocates for Seniors and People with Disabilities, a chicago non-profit law office was looking for the best way to become more efficient while integrating digital transformation in their business, integrating their areas and offering remote work possibilities to its associates.


The Project

A thorough analysis of the processes carried out by the people involved with the cases and the clients themselves helped us identify the parts where the flow was interrupted or delayed or generated costs. Some parts of the process were not existent due to the lack of use of

As the results of our pillars of technology and Ux we developed a Case Management System designed to manage legal matters that integrates client profiles, cases, a dashboard and a flow of activities ordering the legal stages associated with each project, increasing the organization's ability to better serve its clients.

The Result

They increased their capability to serve more customers going from 150 to 2,000 cases monthly, with thepossibility of increasing even more. This tool also enabled the possibility of remote work for its associates, making the organization FTEs more efficient and emergencies ready.