digital sports venue directory



Florida Sport's Venue Management


The challenge 

The Florida Sports Foundation, a non-profit corporation, serving as the Sports Industry Development Division of Enterprise Florida, Inc. , is looking to implement a digital asset for one of the services they provide in the state and is looking for a strategic partner to develop a platform to facilitate the location of sports facilities for tourists and locals.
We have accompanied a lot of government agencies in their path to digital transformation.

The solution 

With our discovery methodology and combiningvisions of data, design and technology we developed a project that involved these key components in the solution.
We started by gathering and classifying all the data they had to develop the best database that will support the asset, then went through our Ux experience methodology to ensure the users will use the platform in an easy and clear way.
This platform is developed to easily find venues and event facilities and to increment leads with the integration of keywords and meta tags in the development process.